ATLASerials FullText Title List

AFER: African Ecclesial Review0250-46501965-2013
AJS Review0364-00941976-2009
American Theological Inquiry: A Biannual Journal of Theology, Culture, & History1942-27092008-2010
American Theological Inquiry (Online)1941-76242010-2013
American Theological Library Association Summary of Proceedings0066-08681948-2013
Andover Newton Quarterly0003-29721960-1980
Andover Newton Review2150-03551990-1992
Andover Review (Boston, Mass.)2156-23691884-1893
Anglican Theological Review0003-32861918-2014
Anglican Theological Review.Supplement Series0097-49511973-1990
Anima: The Journal of Human Experience0097-11461974-1994
Annali di storia dell'esegesi1120-40012005-2013
Annual of Rabbinic Judaism1388-03651998-2000
Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics0732-49281981-2001
Aramaic Studies1477-83512004-2008
ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies1093-16431988-2014
Asian Ethnology1882-68652008-2013
Asian Folklore Studies0385-23421963-2007
Austin Seminary Bulletin (Faculty ed.)0191-86131964-1990
Baptist History and Heritage0005-57191965-2014
Baptistic Theologies1803-618X2009-2013
Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance1553-04692004-2007
Biblical Archaeologist0006-08951938-1997
Biblical Interpretation0927-25691993-2013
Biblical Research: Journal of the Chicago Society of Biblical Research0067-65351956-2010
Bibliotheca sacra0006-19211934-2014
Black Theology: An International Journal1476-99482003-2013
Brethren Life and Thought0006-96631955-2013
Buddhist Studies Review: Journal of the UK Association for Buddhist Studies0265-28972003-2013
Bulletin - Council on the Study of Religion0002-71701970-1985
Bulletin de Litterature Ecclesiastique0007-43221990-2009
Bulletin for Biblical Research1065-223X1991-2013
Bulletin for the Study of Religion2041-18632010-2014
Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society0361-51381958-1968
Calvin Theological Journal0008-17951966-2014
Catholic Biblical Quarterly0008-79121939-2014
Chaplaincy Today: The Journal of the Association of Professional Chaplains1099-91831998-2008
Chaplaincy Today (Online):Journal of the Association of Professional Chaplains2165-15902009-2012
Chicago Theological Seminary Register0739-51241982-2007
Christian Century0009-52811917-2014
Christian Education Journal0739-89132003-2014
Christianity and Crisis: A Christian Journal of Opinion0009-57451941-1993
Christianity and Literature0148-33311973-2013
Christianity Today0009-57531999-2014
Church & Society0037-78051970-2006
Church History: Studies in Christianity & Culture0009-64071932-2014
Church History and Religious Culture1871-241X2006-2008
Communio viatorum0010-37131958-2013
Comparative and Continental Philosophy1757-06382009-2013
Comparative Islamic Studies1740-71252005-2011
Concordia Journal0145-72331975-2014
Concordia Theological Monthly0010-52791949-1972
Concordia Theological Quarterly0038-86101977-2013
Conference of Theological Librarians Summary of Proceedings1548-41221947-1947
Congregations: the Alban journal1816-28002001-2013
Conrad Grebel Review0829-044X1983-2013
Contact: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Pastoral Studies1352-08061997-2007
Continuum (Chicago, Ill)0010-77861963-1970
Continuum (St. Xavier College (Chicago, Ill))1085-99341990-1994
Conversations with the Biblical World2169-39942011-2011
Council of Societies for the Study of Religion Bulletin1060-16351988-2009
Criswell Theological Review0892-57121986-2014
Cross Accent : Journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians2151-17722000-2014
Cross Currents: The Journal of the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life0011-19531950-2013
Crux: A Quarterly Journal of Christian Thought and Opinion0011-21862003-2012
Cuadernos de teologia0326-67371970-2008
Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture1550-48912004-2012
Cultural Encounters (Online)2013-2013
Currents in Theology and Mission0098-21131974-2014
Daughters of Sarah0739-17491984-1996
Dead Sea Discoveries: a journal of current research on the scrolls and related literature0929-07612000-2009
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought0012-21571966-2013
Dialogue & Alliance0891-58811987-2013
Didaskalia (Otterburne, Man.): The Journal of Providence Theological Seminary0847-12661989-2013
Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum0384-85151972-2013
Disciples History Magazine2013-2014
Discipliana: The Quarterly Historical Journal of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society0732-98812000-2012
Duke Divinity School Bulletin0190-45231959-1963
Duke Divinity School Review0012-70781964-1983
Eastern Buddhist0012-87081967-2013
Ecumenica: Journal of Theatre and Performance1942-45582008-2012
Ecumenical Review0013-07961948-2009
Ensaios e monografias1807-24611992-2001
Estudios eclesiasticos: Revista trimestral de investigacion e informacion teologica0210-16101942-2013
Ex auditu: An International Journal of Theological Interpretation of Scripture0883-00531985-2012
Exchange: Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research0166-27402001-2011
Family and Community Ministries: Empowering through Faith1935-54082007-2010
Family and Community Ministries (Online)2325-3630 2011-2013
Fides et historia: Journal of the Conference on Faith and History0884-53791968-2013
Fieldwork in Religion1743-06152005-2013
First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life1047-51411990-2014
Greek Orthodox Theological Review0017-38941954-2012
Hamdard Islamicus: Quarterly Journal of Studies and Research in Islam0250-71962000-2013
Hartford Quarterly0440-33471960-1968
Harvard Theological Review0017-81601908-2009
Hawwa : Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World1569-20782003-2009
Hebrew Union College Annual0360-90491924-2009
Homiletic: A Review of Publications in Religious Communication0738-05341975-2008
Homiletic (Online)2152-69232009-2013
Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society0360-96691974-2009
Horizons in Biblical Theology: An International Dialogue0195-90851980-2009
Iliff Review0019-17951959-1988
Impact: A Journal of Thought of Disciples of Christ on the Pacific Slope0194-04221978-2002
Implicit Religion : Journal of the Centre for the Study of Implicit Religion and Contemporary Spirituality1463-99551998-2013
International Bulletin of Missionary Research0272-61221981-2014
International Journal for the Psychology of Religion1050-86191991-2014
International Journal of Practical Theology1430-69211997-2013
International Journal of Public Theology1872-51712008-2008
International Journal of Transpersonal Studies1321-01221998-2011
International Review of Mission0020-85821949-2009
Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology0020-96431947-2013
Islam: Zeitschrift fur Geschichte und Kultur des islamischen Orients0021-18182008-2013
Jahrbuch fur Liturgik und Hymnologie0075-26811998-2012
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies0304-10421974-2014
Jewish Bible Quarterly0792-39101991-2014
Journal for Islamic Studies0257-70622000-2012
Journal for Preachers1057-266X1977-2014
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion0021-82941961-2000
Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic and Roman Period0047-22121970-2009
Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture1749-49072007-2013
Journal for the Study of the New Testament0142-064X1978-2012
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament0309-08921976-2012
Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions1569-21162002-2009
Journal of Applied Christian Leadership1933-39782006-2012
Journal of Biblical and Pneumatological Research1944-107X2009-2012
Journal of Biblical Literature0021-92311890-2012
Journal of Chinese Religions0737-769X1982-2010
Journal of Church and State0021-969X1996-2013
Journal of Clinical Pastoral Work2156-66821947-1949
Journal of Ecumenical Studies0022-05581964-2013
Journal of Empirical Theology0922-29361989-2011
Journal of European Baptist Studies1213-15202000-2014
Journal of Family Ministry 1055-23081987-2006
Journal of Family Ministry2152-63972010-2011
Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion8755-41781985-2013
Journal of Latin American Theology: Christian Reflections from the Latino South1669-86492006-2014
Journal of Moravian History1933-66322006-2013
Journal of Pastoral Care0022-34091947-2001
Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling1542-30502002-2008
Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling (Online)2167-776X2009-2012
Journal of Pastoral Theology1064-98671991-2010
Journal of Pastoral Theology (Online)2161-45042011-2012
Journal of Pentecostal Theology0966-73691992-2009
Journal of Psychology & Theology: An Evangelical Forum for the Integration of Psychology and Theology0091-64711973-2014
Journal of QurĄŻanic Studies1465-35911999-2013
Journal of Reformed Theology1872-51632007-2008
Journal of Religion in Africa0022-42001967-2009
Journal of Religious Ethics0384-96941973-2009
Journal of Religious Leadership1935-69432002-2013
Journal of Religious Thought0022-42351944-2007
Journal of Ritual Studies0890-11121987-2013
Journal of Semitic Studies0022-44801996-2013
Journal of ShiĄŽa Islamic Studies1748-94232008-2013
Journal of Spiritual Formation & Soul Care1939-79092008-2013
Journal of the American Academy of Religion0002-71891967-2013
Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society0008-32081950-2012
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society0360-88081969-2012
Journal of the Interdenominational Theological Center0092-65581973-2012
Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, including the papers read and abstract of proceedings for ...1069-83371881-1888
Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics1540-79422002-2013
Journal of Theological Interpretation1936-08432007-2013
Journal of Theological Studies0022-51851997-2013
Journal of Theology for Southern Africa0047-28671972-2013
Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa8756-47851978-2013
Journal of Unification Studies1097-17691997-2013
Journal of Youth Ministry1541-04122002-2013
Judaica Librarianship0739-50861983-2011
Kairos (Guatemala): Revista publicada por el Seminario Teologico Centroamericano1014-93411994-2011
Kerygma und Dogma: Zeitschrift fur theologische Forschung und kirchliche Lehre0023-07072008-2013
Latin American Indian Literatures Journal: A Review of American Indian Texts and Studies0888-56131985-2012
Lexington Theological Quarterly0024-16281966-2007
Lexington Theological Quarterly (Online)2325-21462007-2011
Liturgical Ministry1059-77861992-2011
Living Pulpit1059-27331992-2007
Living Pulpit (Online)2007-2014
Luther: Zeitschrift der Luther-Gesellschaft0340-62101993-2013
Lutheran Quarterly0024-74991949-2013
Lutherjahrbuch: Organ der internationalen Lutherforschung0342-09142007-2012
Master's Seminary Journal1066-39591990-2013
Mennonite Quarterly Review0025-93731927-2011
Method & Theory in the Study of Religion0943-30581989-2009
Mid-America Journal of Theology0887-17601985-2013
Mid-Stream: The Ecumenical Movement Today0544-06531961-2002
Millennium: Jahrbuch zu Kultur und Geschichte des ersten Jahrtausends n. Chr. = Yearbook on the culture and history of the first millennium c.e.1867-030X2004-2012
Missio apostolica1068-31511993-2013
Missiology: An International Review0091-82961973-2013
Mission Studies: Journal of the International Association for Mission Studies0168-97891984-2012
Modern Believing1353-14251994-2013
Modern Churchman0026-75971911-1993
Modern Theology0266-71771984-2009
Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World0732-29921985-2008
Muslim World0027-49091948-2013
Near Eastern Archaeology1094-20761998-2013
Neue Zeitschrift fur systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie0028-35171994-2013
Newsletter of the Conference on Christianity and Literature1943-27121967-1972
Nova religio1092-66901997-2014
Novum testamentum: An International Quarterly for New Testament and Related Studies0048-10091956-2012
Numen: International Review for the History of Religions0029-59731954-2012
Occasional Bulletin0026-606X1950-1969
Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research0364-21781977-1980
Ogbomoso Journal of Theology1115-232X1986-2012
Orate Fratres0196-68981926-1951
Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies0897-36441999-2012
PentecoStudies: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Research on the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements2041-35992010-2013
Perkins Journal0730-21421972-1990
Perkins School of Theology journal0031-54511959-1972
Perspective (Pittsburgh)0031-59071968-1973
Perspectives in Religious Studies0093-531X1974-2013
Phronema: Annual Review of St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College0819-49201986-2013
Pittsburgh Perspective0031-58931960-1967
Pneuma: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies0272-09651979-2011
Political Theology1462-317X1999-2013
Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies1528-02682005-2012
Practical Theology1756-073X2008-2013
Presbyterion: Covenant Seminary Review0193-62121975-2013
Prism: A Theological Forum for the United Church of Christ0887-50491985-2011
Pro Ecclesia1063-85121992-2014
Proceedings (Grand Rapids, Mich.)0887-71651981-2010
Pure Land: Journal of European Shin Buddhism0388-87031979-1983
Pure Land (Berkeley, Calif.): Journal of Pure Land Buddhism0911-76601984-2009
Recherches Philosophiques: revue de la Faculte de philosophie de l'Institut Catholique de Toulouse1778-80992005-2008
Reconstructionist: A Journal of Contemporary Jewish Thought & Practice0034-14951937-2007
Reformation: the journal of the Tyndale Society1357-41751999-2012
Reformation & Renaissance Review1462-24592000-2013
Reformed Journal0486-252X1956-1990
Reformed Theological Review0034-30721942-2012
Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation1052-11511991-2013
Religion and Intellectual Life0741-05491983-1990
Religion and the Arts1079-92651996-2009
Religion & Theology =Religie & teologie1023-08071994-2009
Religion East & West: Journal of the Institute for World Religions1539-24302001-2014
Religion in the News1525-72071998-2012
Religions of South Asia1751-26892007-2013
Religious Education0034-40871926-2010
Religious Studies and Theology0829-29221985-2013
Religious Studies Bulletin0710-06551981-1984
Religious Studies Review0319-485X1975-2014
Restoration Quarterly0486-56421957-2014
Review & Expositor0034-63731947-2013
Review of Rabbinic Judaism1568-48572002-2009
Road to Emmaus: a Journal of Orthodox Faith and Culture1544-48562000-2014
Rural Theology: International, Ecumenical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives1470-49942004-2013
SA. Sociological Analysis: A Journal in the Sociology of Religion0038-02101973-1992
Science et Esprit0316-53451968-2013
Scripta Theologica0036-97641969-2013
Semeia: An Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism0095-571X1974-2002
Shane Quarterly0362-46091940-1955
Social Sciences and Missions =Sciences sociales et missions1874-89372007-2009
Society for the Study of Chinese Religions Bulletin0271-34461977-1981
Sociological Analysis (Worcester, Mass.)0038-02101968-1972
Sociology of Religion1069-44041993-2013
Southwestern Journal of Theology0038-48281958-2011
St Vladimir's Seminary Quarterly0360-64811952-1968
St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly0036-32271969-2013
Stone-Campbell Journal1097-65661998-2013
Studies in World Christianity1354-99011995-2013
Svensk exegetisk arsbok1100-22982006-2010
Svensk missionstidskrift0346-217X1997-2013
Taoist Resources1061-88051989-1997
Temenos: Studies in Comparative Religion0497-18172006-2012
Theological Education0040-56201964-2013
Theological Educator: A Journal of Theology and Ministry0198-68561984-1998
Theological Studies0040-56391940-2013
Theologische Rundschau0040-56981949-2007
Theology & Sexuality1355-83581994-2012
Theology Today0040-57361944-2013
Theophilyon : revue des Facultes de theologie et de philosophie de l'Universite catholique de Lyon1270-20561996-2013
Touchstone: Heritage and Theology in a New Age0827-32001983-2014
Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought0041-06081959-2009
Trinity Journal0360-30321977-2013
Tyndale Bulletin0082-71181966-2012
Tyndale House Bulletin1757-05141956-1965
Union Seminary Quarterly Review0362-15451945-2013
Vetus testamentum0042-49351951-2012
Vigiliae christianae: A Review of Early Christian Life and Language0042-60321947-2011
Vision (Winnipeg, Man.): a Journal for Church and Theology1492-77992000-2014
Wesleyan Theological Journal0092-42451966-2013
Westminster Theological Journal0043-43881938-2013
Word & World: Theology for Christian Ministry0275-52701981-2014
Zeitschrift fur antikes Christentum =Journal of Ancient Christianity0949-95711997-2013
Zeitschrift fur Dialektische Theologie0169-75361999-2013
Zeitschrift fur Dialektische Theologie.Supplement Series2213-02412010-2011
Zeitschrift fur die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft0044-25261948-2013
Zeitschrift fur die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der alteren Kirche0044-26151994-2014
Zeitschrift fur neuere Theologiegeschichte =Journal for the History of Modern Theology0943-75922007-2012
Zeitschrift fur Theologie und Kirche0044-35491997-2007
Zygon, Journal of Religion and Science0591-23851966-2009

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